Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big Birthday Weekend...Picture Overload

This is Mezmur's "off" year for a birthday party, so we decided to combine our yearly trip to Enchanted Forest with her birthday. We invited a couple special people and had a fun day celebrating Mezmur Mimi.

This is Rhett's face while he watches the silly Little Red Riding Hood show.

Mezmur and Nana watching the show.

Mezmur's three year birthday dress. Having two girls I have decided to create a new tradition to make a new birthday dress every year. Here is Mezmur's third birthday dress (well, second dress...technically). I'll share more about this dress on another post...

Mezmur got tired at the end of the day and curled up in the stroller for a little rest.

Trying on Nana's old dance outfit...a gift from Nana.

On her real birthday we had a great dinner with friends and a pink, purple, and chocolate cake for the birthday girl...Mezmur's request.

Welcome to your fourth year around the sun baby girl.


sarah said...

Aw, happy birthday sweet Mezmur! We wish we could have gone to Enchanted Forest with you guys!

April said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Mezmur!!!!

Duncan said...

Love to Mezmur and I wish I was there to join in on the fun. I didn't see any pictures of Rhett on the Log Ride. . . Did he pass on that this year? I hope Mavis enjoyed her first Enchanted Forest adventure. Love to you all!!!!