Monday, August 8, 2011

Mavis Meets Mavis

Mavis went to her second big-time concert in her short four months of life. The first was Fleet Foxes and she loved it. The second was Mavis Staples at the Pickathon. Obviously, she loved seeing her namesake perform. So, I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about Mavis' name and how we chose it. While I'm at it...I'll also talk about our big kids names.

Her name...Mavis Miriam. While I was pregnant we went through a lot of names for a girl that we both agreed on. The only name we agreed on for a boys middle name was Neil, because we found out I was pregnant the day of the Neil Young concert and it is Dan's Dad's middle name. We knew if we had a girl her middle name would be Miriam, because I wear Dan's Grandma Miriam's wedding ring.

The criteria for a first name for a boy and girl was that if the name was shortened...we would still like it. For a long time our girl name was Penelope and she would go by Penny. When we were pregnant with Rhett we were listening to a lot of Old 97's, so Dan asked..."How about Rhett." Rhett Miller is the lead singer in Old 97's. Rhett was on my short list already, so that was that. When I was pregnant with Mavis, Mavis Staples came out with a new album...produced by Dan's man hero...Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.
So, we were listening to a lot of Mavis Staples. One day while listening to We Are Not Alone, I said, "How about Mavis?" We loved all the ways it might be shortened...especially Maeve. So, Mavis it was and Mavis she is.

At the Pickathon someone asked if all our kids names were music inspired. Actually, yes. Even Mezmur. Her name means Gospel song in Amaharic. Below is a photo of how Mavis feels when we protect her ears from the music.

Long story short...we love our kids names and we like Mavis Staples.


Rachel Clear @ Clearly Speaking said...

That is great!

I was SOOOOO looking forward to the pickathon this year, but we were still in MT. I am so bummed! Blurgh!

But I'm glad you guys went and had a blast with your little chubster. Did she get a pic with Mavis? That would've been pretty sweet.

Duncan said...

ALL OF THE LATEST POST MAKES ME MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH. . . It's because I was around for all of this last year. I love the M&M girls and the very musical Rhett. A thumbs up to you all. . . and that brings a smile for sure. Love to you all!!!!

lori said...

I hadn't picked up before on the kids' names all being musically centered. Fun connection. What I especially like about it is that down the road when they're having conversations with people about what their names mean, they couldn't hardly just tell about their OWN name; they'd have to round out the story by including their siblings.