Friday, August 5, 2011

Mezmur's Dress

Mezmur's three-year birthday dress was the Oliver and S Popover dress pattern. I've wanted to make this super simple dress forever. I loved this yellow lawn fabric I found at Bolt. Once I got it home I noticed it was a bit see through, so I thought of adding a little ruffled slip. I also had to add a ruffle on the top to balance out the ruffle on the bottom. I also made the straps thinner than the pattern. I love how it turned out!I have plans to make another one with elastic around the middle and another with pockets. The possibilities are endless! The best part...Mezmur thought she was dressed like a princess in her popover dress and the red snow cone she ate washed out of her dress without leaving a stain.


Emma said...

I love the dress. I recently took up sewing (sort of for the second time but I wasn't very skilled the first time around). I have been making the Gemini Jumper by Little COmet Tails for my girls. It is sooooo easy and reversible too. My three year old had a great time picking out fabric. ANd she loves matching her baby sister (less jealousy that way).

I read an article in the NY TImes this weekend about a woman who now makes everything she wears including underwear. THis is her website -

kinda cool

Duncan said...