Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Hipstamatic Friday

Since the day started off fun and cute and I took 2 photos before breakfast was done...I thought it might be fun to chronicle our day.
No, she did not eat her waffle, but she sure had fun putting blueberries in each waffle hole.

Diaper changing time.

This hat will be lost before the day is done.

Dropping brother off at school.

The "ramp" that drives me crazy sometimes.

This cute boy combed his hair all by himself before we left. He doesn't like me to gush when he does things like this, so I just say, "Nice hair," in a really monotone voice.

This is my girl, who says to me, "Mom can we please go to the fabric store?" Music to my ears. She got to pick out yarn for the sweater I started before this day was over. What color did she pick...purple, duh.

This is just to gross Gramps out...

We picked up Dan's birthday present.

Chew beads.

I noticed our first red leaf. Soon this tree will glow red. It is the best tree on the block.

The sink at lunch time.

Sure, this looks sweet, but deep down, I'm thinking about all the things I need to be doing while this baby won't sleep on her own. I'm working really hard just to soak up everything about having a baby though, so it wasn't really so bad. Not too long from now, I'll look at this photo and miss the days Mavis would sleep on my chest.

A short 45 minutes later...just enough time for me to watch an episode of Project's time to play.

Pick up time. Rhett with his friends.

Mezmur with her friend.

Rhett's experiment, which might require it's own blog post. It included glitter, vinegar, and a $200 wager.

Mavis' first time in the high chair.

Pj sisters.

I thought I should add this one too for good measure.

Now, we settle in for a short show with Mezmur in bed (it was a big kid show) and Dad on his way home.

That wraps up a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom and her three kids. Now, for a video of Mavis.


mrsc1345 said...

Who says that stay at home moms just sit around all day watching soaps? They have no idea. I must confess I spied you at that big craft store so early in your day but was too embarrassed to say anything. What would I say? "Um, I read your blog! Mavis's cheeks are even cuter in real life?"

Duncan said...

That tired me out and yes grossed me out as well. You need to take a microscope to that shopping cart one day! ! ! I know you are just building the immune system. I cannot believe how much Rhett has changed, he is growing up fast. See you all soon. Love to all again!!!!!

Keith, Jenny, and Oliver said...

Love this post! We miss having you as neighbors already