Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rhett Plays Soccer

Yes, Rhett is on a soccer team. I started taking pictures of my boy doing what he does best at soccer games. We don't care what he does or how he long as he is having fun, but sometimes it can get comical to watch our boy out there...not listening to his coach,...

...finding worms on the field,...
...flipping off the opponent (not really),...
...and picking his nose.

Go Strikers!

The game started.

Something got into Rhett. He wasn't afraid to get in there. He was more aggressive than we had seen and was really going after the ball.

Then, he made his first goal!

The look on his face when he made his first goal and looked at us...literally brought tears to our eyes.

We are proud parents, but we were always proud. Even though he wasn't always the one to get in there after the ball, he was always the first one to cheer for is friend and offer support to his team. That's our boy and we are very proud of him.


Christi said...

That kid is so great.

We have one of each of those personalities he displayed. It's our constant goal to let the worm catcher, team encourager know he is just as awesome as the boy who scores and head is always in the game. It's tough, because our culture doesn't lean that way.

Duncan said...

Who else but Rhett could do all those things and still score a goal. . . that is one well rounded kid. So great just to see him in his soccer uniform. You know I would of LOVED to be there. Tell him I said follow that ball and keep your eyes pealed for more worms. . . Love Gramps.