Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eight Is Great But Seven Is Heaven

For an "off" year (the kids get a birthday party every other year) Rhett was sure celebrated big this year. Rhett turned 7 yesterday and the post title was written on a friends birthday card to Rhett. It was a 3 day event for Rhett. It started with me bringing cupcakes to his class. Rhett was sure stumped when his teacher brought him to the front and asked him what he wanted to do better when he was 7. Like, stand there in silence...stumped. But when asked what his favorite thing he did when he was 6 he knew the answer right away...LegoLand.

Then, the next day was a no school day, so I planned a mini party/knitting play date. Two of Rhett's best friends wanted to learn how to knit and Rhett really wanted to teach them.



Rhett was a great teacher...In the front door, around the back, out through the window, and off jumps Jack.

The next day was his birthday. Months ago we said he could invite one friend to play video games at GroundKontrol. First was a trip to Old Town Pizza.

The friend he chose was Jonah.

They are great together!

Since I forgot the treat...we had to go home for a cupcake before the boys went video gaming and the girls stayed home for nap time.

This is how the little sister was feeling yesterday watching her brother open presents and blowing out candles. Her own candle just wasn't good enough.

Lastly was the big family gathering with a request of shrimp, crab, and brownies with ice cream. We didn't do the crab, but I think all of his other wishes came true.

Wishes of a new bike with gears, Star Wars sheets, and Ninjago.

It's always fun to re-visit the birth of the birthday child. This year I learned that I was really mean in the delivery room with Rhett...thanks, Mom.


sarah said...

Happy birthday to my favorite seven year old! And I totally laughed that your mom said you were mean in the delivery room - wha? :) I'll have to hear the story behind that one.

Christi said...

Love it.

Xander and Alana (but mostly Alana) said...

Love the quilts! One of the nice things about having twins is not having to deal with birthday jealousy. Of course, eventually they're going to get tired of having to share, but for now they're all about having everything the same.

Speaking of birthdays, I may be ordering new dolls before long. Ours have been loved and loved and LOVED almost to death. One even has a "band-aid."

Duncan said...

Seven years old and counting. I'm glad I got to talked to you on "your day". . . Gramps loves you and it's hard to believe your are seven years old. . .