Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Birthday

My birthday came and went like any other day. The only differences were a bouquet of flowers and dinner out on a Wednesday. The above is a photo I had been coveting at my Mom's house of my Great Grandmother, Roxy. I loved everything about it. The couch she is knitting on, the expression on her face, the women in the mirror and their expressions, the is just the perfect photo. My mom gave me the photo for my birthday.Mezmur's absolutely favorite thing to do with me is cook. She asks regularly, "Mom, can we cook?" Yesterday, I said yes! We made my favorite chocolate/salt shortbread cookies. The best part of making these cookies is that we can eat as much dough as we want without worry of e coli.These two made a good team...Mavis was happily under Mezmur eating all the chocolate crumbs she dropped. I love my girls.


Duncan said...

Happy Birthday!! I loved Roxie and it was a great photo for your mom to give to you. Memories are a wonderful thing, especially for me today and I needed to see this post this morning. Both expressions of Mavis in this post is so you when you were her age. I'm not sure you were eating crumbs off the floor but I remember the looks and smiles you would give. From Mavis on the floor to Roxie on the couch and everything in between. . . here I go again down memory lane, thanks for the push. LOVE TO ALL! ! ! ! !

rachel said...

happy birthday! my birthday is on friday and i am expecting it to be pretty anticlimactic. i love the photo. it's perfect.