Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mavis Turns 11 Months

Mavis is 11 months! I call this the bedhead edition.

She can get around like a pro. She is almost walking. She will definitely be walking by her birthday. She gets the biggest smile on her face as she walks around either pushing the toy stroller or one of our hands. She really wants to get around like her brother and sister and I can't wait until I don't have to carry her all day. Although, my arms are pretty buff.

I've never heard of such a difficult teether. Geez. Every tooth is a 2 week event of sleepless nights, fevers, and irritability. When she feels this way all she wants to do is nurse...all day. Because of this she still doesn't eat a ton of solid foods. She does eat solids, but not huge portions. Her favorite is frozen blueberries. Her fingers and the highchair are dyed purple on a regular basis.

We have a feisty one on our hands...yikes. When will the universe give me a brake? She hits, pinches, and spits when she is mad...and she gets mad a lot. God forbid you have to change her diaper. God forbid you try to give her a hug. Watch out if you take a tiny lego or crayon away from her and don't even think about saying , "no!" She can be sweet too. Mavis has learned how to give kisses. It is my favorite. She lets out a little puff of air. It sounds like the letter 'p' sound and it is her kiss. I love it, but she has to be in the right mood for kissing.

This is still what our evenings look like. Well, it is really nice when it looks like this, but most of the time it looks like me telling Mavis, "just go to sleep," while she crawls around moaning or nursing on and off until she gives in to sleep.

The next Mavis update will be the last monthly Mavis report. She will be one! I can't believe a year ago we were preparing for the birth of a mystery baby and now we have an almost one year old baby girl named Mavis!


Christi said...

I love your nightly routine.

My arms are starting to get a little flabby from not carrying babies around!! I need to do real work-out stuff which is just not nearly as fun.

Duncan said...

The life and times. . . In between the hard times I can see some great expressions but I can see by her red cheeks she is struggling. I would like to see the big smiles of traveling indepenence . I'm sure she can't wait to "run" with the crowd. Love to all!!!!!