Sunday, March 25, 2012

No, I'm Not Pregnant

One year ago...

I looked like this.

Today...apparently, I look like I'm about five months pregnant. No, I'm not just being over sensitive...that's what the lady at the fabric store said. Now, when someone says, "Wow. You are going to be busy with baby number 4 on the way." Or, "Smile, you are carrying a little bundle of joy." I just say, "Yes." You know, when you look like the above photo (twice), your muscles split and they need to be surgically sewn back together. It's a medical condition. I loved my body when I was pregnant. Sorry, TMI, but I felt so confident and loved my belly. Now, I'm not so happy about my body. I hate being asked about "#4." It doesn't make a gal feel so great. I really get tired of making the person who asked feel better after they put their foot in their mouth. I get asked almost daily. The worst thing is going shopping. I love fashion, but it is really hard to go shopping when you are shopping for the most fashionable baggy clothes. Most of the fashionable baggy clothes just make me look more pregnant. Oh, well. So, if you see me and wonder about assured, there will never be a #4...I know, never say never.


She was totally worth it!


Duncan said...

It is hard to believe it's almost a year. You and your body have been through alot for your family, I'm sure every step of the way is worth it. . . now. I can't believe that mouth full of teeth Mavis has. No wonder it has been a battle with her lately. I'm sure that is a part of the no way on #4 along with a whole long list besides. You take care. Love dad.

Christi said...

Go Autumn's's at super-star status for stretching that far and holding such beautiful babies. We are new women in new frames after this. It's weird, but worth it.

lori said...