Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mavis' Party

 Below are the photos from the party.  We rented the Concordia Community room at Kennedy School.  We are in the neighborhood, so the room is crazy cheap and it was so worth it!  As a matter of fact...all of our parties may be there from now on.  This photo of Mavis and I is one of my favorites of the day.  I love her expression...

A party at Kennedy School wouldn't have been a party without tots and beer.  Here, Mavis' cousin Lucy is trying to snag a tot.
This is Joe the balloon guy.  Actually, he is much more than a balloon guy...he was the one who kept the kids entertained the whole party with balloons, juggling, and other crazy antics.  I mean...he juggled balloon guy ever. 
 His balloons are elaborate and ever.
 When I say he "entertained the kids" kids, I mean everyone.  He was hilarious.
 If you ever find the need to hire a balloon man or someone to entertain a gaggle of kids while the adults enjoy some beer and adult conversation...CALL JOE!

 Here is Mavis taking a little break from the party for a little milk before her cake.
 Uncle Aris.

 Don't let the following photos fool you...I don't think she ate any of the cake.  She licked the frosting off her little toy that was on the cake, but that's it. 

Oh, and if I haven't said it are by the very talented Posy Quarterman.

For my two loyal readers...I'll answer all your sewing and knitting questions soon.  I have a lot to share.  I've been busy sewing lots of personal projects between banner orders and rooster costumes for Rhett's school. 


rachel said...

i hope i'm one of your loyal readers! :) i can't wait to see your sewing photos. but these photos were absolutely fantastic, too.

Christi said...

Wow, I love her style so much. Actually I loved everything about this. Your fam is wonderful.

Ted and Lori said...

The party looked amazing and I'm still so bummed that we missed it! These pictures are just gorgeous. Also? I miss you. Come pound on my door some afternoon. Or vice versa.

Duncan said...

To say the least I wish I was there. . . Rhett's balloon was amazing and it was good to see everyone having so much fun. I was fooled by the Mavis cake photos when I first saw them. Now I will view them as "Mavis Art". . . Fantastic captured moments. Love to ALL! ! ! ! !

Julie said...

Hey! I'm a loyal reader...I just haven't been logged into blogger in so long and am too lazy to do so, but I do hop over here all the time!
Great pictures by the way!

April said...

These are SO GREAT!!!! Happy Birthday Mavis!!