Friday, April 27, 2012

Mavis' Pre-Party Photo Session With Posy

Let me introduce to you...the magic of Posy Quarterman.  Below, are some favorites from the pre-party session.  You know, the rushed session, because Mezmur locked us out and we didn't have that much time before we had to rush to Kennedy School to decorate for the party.  Can you tell I was on the verge of tears and a mini breakdown right before these photos were taken?  Posy went above and beyond that day.  She was flexible when I called her last minute to meet us at our house, she kept me calm, and gave us a ride to Kennedy School after we loaded her car full of kids and party decorations...oh, and a highchair.  We were so glad Posy was there with us on that very special day.  The day our last baby turned one.  Thank you Posy!  Next to photos and Joe the balloon guy!


rachel said...

autumn, you look so great! i love your shirt and your shoes. did you make the shirt?

Emma said...

Lovely! WIthout the back story you would never know there was any panic! DO I spy the tiny tea leave cardigan? I LOVE that pattern. I just made the smallest size for the baby and I have part fpt eh yoke done for my nearly four year old. WHat yarn did you use? I used Lion wool ease but I think I might try it in somethign else more approriate for spring if I try it again.

Duncan said...

Great photos. . . I've been on her website for them all. I couldn't tell about the break down and Mezmur didn't look any worse for the wear. Your girls are beautiful and the whole family is beautiful. Love to all!!!!