Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Heavy Easter

Easter 2012.

Yes, we are the parents taking photos of their crying baby in the park.

Rhett's Easter basket.

This was in Mezmur's Easter basket this year. She loves it!
We got to have a lovely brunch with our favorite family friends.
There was some great food, good conversation,...
...and another Easter egg hunt. Here is my competitive boy running to the next egg.
And here is my pouty girl who doesn't like to see Rhett finding eggs.
This girl discovered jelly beans. Funny how Rhett didn't have his first piece of candy until he was three and now, Mavis eats jelly beans.
What a photo op! This is the first dress I made Mavis for her birthday. I love it and it was perfect for Easter.
Oh, Mavis. One day you will be ok with other people and you will love Hannah the way your brother and sister love Hannah (and Elyse and Callie!).
I love these girls...
One more Easter egg hunt at Nana's house, one more competitive boy, and one more pouty girl.
The best gift for Easter was a sunny, warm, beautiful day. We were blessed with a beautiful Easter weekend and trust me...we needed it.


Christi said...

I just love her little hand on that hip in the last picture. I do that when things are frustrating too.

Duncan said...

Looked like once again was fun for all. . . Except for Mezmur in the egg hunts. . . funny though! I think Mezmur will give Rhett a run for his money next year and Mavis will be in the mix with hands on her hips. I hope big brother shares some, I'm sure he will. I loved the photo heavy Easter post. Love to All! ! ! !

rachel said...

i LOVE the dress you made for Mavis! and Mezmur's doll is spectacular.

April said...

Yay- great photos! Happy Easter!! I love the Mermaid doll too ;-).