Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life With Us

Not too much going on, but that's not totally true...we got our backyard newly landscaped, Mavis is walking all over, and I've been sewing a ton and finding lots of great treasures at Goodwill lately.  Here are a few photos to sum it up a bit.
Mavis helps in the yard.
Our favorite cousin turned 1.
The boy who doesn't like his photo taken.
Now, more yard work while the baby is sleeping, so we don't have to worry about her eating dirt.

1 comment:

Duncan said...

Full circles. . . Just about the same age your were eating dirt out in the backyard with me. Seems like last week and not 30 (something. . . ) years ago. Don't worry, I won't get myself started . . . Keep snapping photos of Rhett, who knows he may have to get used to the "paparazzi effect". Phases come and phases go. I know you stopped eating dirt along time ago. . . Sorry I couldn't resist!! Love to you all!!!!!