Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth Of July

Summer came one day early in Portland this year.  This year it came on the fourth of July...not the Fifth.  This year the Fourth was kicked off by a Lapour family tradition...small town parade.  This year we went to Corbett and had a great time collecting candy and people watching.  Mezmur's favorite were all the horses with glitter saying, "Mom I WANT a horse with pink and purple sparkles."  OK.
Mavis' favorite was the candy.  Yes, she got to have some.  Rhett didn't know what candy was until he was three.  He thought all candies were instruments.
 After a long day at the most boring parade ever we went home for fireworks and smores with some neighbors.  Mavis would cry after each firework.  At first I think she was afraid, but soon the cries of fear turned to cries of sadness that the firework ended.
 The Fourth of July is my boy's favorite holiday.  He is a pyro at heart.
Rhett with the neighbor boys.
My blue eyed baby stayed up late enjoying the fireworks.
 Mezmur loved her smores.  To her it was her first...I don't think she remembered last years smores.
That day wore us all out.  I think we are still paying for the late night and busy day...these summer days are starting to feel LONG.  

Positive thoughts.
I love my kids.
Their screaming and yelling is a beautiful sound.  One day I'll miss it.
When they fight with each other all day long, it's just because they love each other so much.
It's fun to step over their messes.  It's like an obstacle course all throughout the house.
When she bites me, it feels like a kitten kiss. 
I hope summer never ends.


Jill said...

Hahaha! Your positive thoughts are killing me. LOVE IT! And I love that Mezmur thought the smores were her first. There are lots of things that my M thinks are firsts that she's already tired and it's just easier to go with it and enjoy rather than trying to convince her otherwise.

Duncan said...

I'm starting to feel how Mezmur felt about the smores this year. . . It's nice to live in a world of first times. I see she has moved on to one hand on one hip, she does have attitude! I think we have a photo of you at the same age as Mavis with the same look on your face at Fourth of July fireworks. I'm glad Rhett enjoyed his pyro fix for the year... or let's all hope he did!! All parades are boring but it is fun to sit and see a whole small town go by. . . Very descriptive in your "positive notes", it read like a Erma Bombeck article - The Postive Life and Times of Mom Lapour. As always LOVE TO ALL! ! ! ! !