Monday, August 13, 2012

Meredith's Shower

The wedding is coming up!!!  So exciting!!!  My mom and I got to throw Meredith's shower last weekend.  Have I told you how much I love Meredith?  There was some non-cheesy shower activities, good treats, good booze, and good company.  All-in-all I would call it a success.
 I made some ginger simple syrup infused with mint.  Mixed with some lime, sparkling soda, and rum...yum.  Here is the bride with her tasty cocktail and cute straw.
 The best part.
 I thought a photo booth (of sorts) would be fun.  I came up with a way to combine wedding advice and the photo booth.  Rhett helped me make a mini chalk board and each guest wrote a little message and got their photo taken.  I'll be putting a book together for Meredith of all her friends/family and their advice.
 The other activity I found on PINTEREST!  All the guests helped to weave a heart for Meredith and Aris to keep.  Of coarse, Meredith was sweet and kind and said she loved it and wanted to keep it, but you know...I wouldn't be insulted if it ended up in a closet. 
 Here are the party favors.  Washi tape is my new favorite.  I used it on just about everything from "thanks" flags on the party favors, to an M + A on the gift (thanks Sarah), and on the edge of the mini chalk board.  I also decorated the little plastic pots the plants came in to make them look pretty.
Next up...the wedding!  I've got flower girl dresses and pants and a vest for Rhett in the works!

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Duncan said...

I heard today everyone had fun, looked like there was some great fun ideas and great advice. . . Yes all the rest of the festivities are coming up fast. Can't wait to see everyone. . . Love ME