Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big Event

The wedding is over.  If I'm feeling this relieved...I can only imagine how Meredith is feeling. 
The only way I could make this girl STOP was when I ask her to be a ballerina.

 At home Rhett said, "I'm not going to do it!  When it is time, I'm going to run and hide and scream, because I'm not going to be a ring bearer."  We couldn't put it past him...he did this same thing at a speech therapy appointment.  I was scared...
 So, there were threats and bribes and when it came down to it he said, "I didn't know this was going to be so fun."  Phew.
 All I have to say is...it a really good thing they are all so cute.  Really.  I had so much fun sewing for the kids.  I was thrilled when Meredith picked out a silk Gingham for the girl's dresses.  Gingham, my favorite print.  My skills were tested with the flower, but I'm so glad I challenged myself, because the flower really MADE the dresses.  My girls looked so cute together.
Meredith & Aris.
 Then there is Rhett and his wardrobe.  I made his vest and pants as well.  I made the vest twice, because the first time I made it...it was so short.  He is such a tall boy with a long torso that I needed to make the size 7 longer for him.  The vest was lined with the same fabric as the girl's dresses.  No one saw the lining, but I did and it sure looked cute.  His pants fit him PERFECT if I do say so myself.  He had the cutest little buns in his fancy man pants...made by mama.
 Man, he looked handsome.
 There was love in the air, because these moments are fleeting.  I mean...look at those buns.
 A moment with Gramps.
 Mezmur couldn't wait to get her flowers.  It's what we said to her all day..."make good choices and you'll get your flowers"..."take a good nap and you'll get your flowers"..."put on your dress and you'll get your flowers." 
 Mavis loved her flowers too...Dan thinks it is what kept her distracted and helped her walk down the aisle.  Here she is looking for a ripe berry...she was very confused by the green berries in her bouquet.  The girls did great and so did Rhett...or so I hear.  I was hiding behind the curtain after I released the kids.  I also heard the wedding was nice...I had to sit way back with Mavis.  She was wild and wanted to nurse. 
 This is Mezmur looking at Meredith.  She thought Meredith was a princess...she sure looked like one.
 This was the best/only photo I got of the bride and groom...I thought I would leave those photos to the professionals.
 Then the party really got started.  There were crackers, crowns, a pinata, dancing, drunk people, and the food...amazing.  Although, my plate was taken away when I left on a trip to take Mezmur to the bathroom.  The efficiency was over the top.
 Mezmur took this photo.  I thought it was great.  Although, she was trying to take a photo of my Godmother who traveled here from Phoenix.
 Rhett even had fun, despite his disdain for food and adult parties.  He went around the room gathering all the unpopped crackers for himself...while Mezmur flirted with the old men who gave her flowers from the table.  Don't ask Rhett to dance with you though...
 Only the cool people donned their crown.
 Me and my girls.  Look...no vomit!
It was a really fun event.  I think I've said it before, but I'm so glad Aris nailed it down!  We love Meredith!!! 


Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

I love all the outfits. What a fun wedding!

Duncan said...

I wore my crown too. . . I know I'm cool. Great photos of the kids. The girls were so cute and Rhett looked like a little man in his outfit. They did their parts and were great at the main event. Mezmur started the dancing on the dance floor and it was a great party. Again loved being with you and the kids and miss you all very much. We will talk soon. . . Love Dad

April said...

I finally had time to really look at these beautiful pictures. I'm so happy the wedding went well, The dresses are amazing! Zora get's to be in her first wedding this Oct. I can't wait. All the kids look amazing and the dresses are BEAUTIFUL. MOM and DAD look good too! I would love love love to catch up. We were in Portland very briefly for a camping trip- not really in Portland at all. Someday we will move there and I will get to see you a lot! Hope all is well and happy fall. April