Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time

On a mild Monday afternoon in early December...
This might be the best photo ever with all three kids.
Notice Mavis' cute Portland hipster coat?  If you can't see, it has deer wearing glasses and hot pink piping.  I don't think I'll get to the big kids coats until after Christmas.  Christmas pjs are still in the works.
 Rhett chose the tree this year.  He was very proud.
 Mavis was excited too!
 And just like any family fun adventure (or just about anything we do) one child will have a fit.  It was Mezmur's turn this time.  This was either over the fact that she thought the tree Rhett chose was "too fat!" or that we wouldn't let her navigate the wagon with the tree on it through the trees.  I believe she had a fit over both on this trip.
 The "golden child" just laughs.
 I take it back...this is the best photo ever with all three kids...
Right before this trip to see Santa Rhett sat us down and said, "I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH."  After a little him and hawing...we told him.  Rhett has always been cynical and logical (like father like son), so I'm not surprised that this was THE year.  It was more sad for me than him, so I call it a success.  He was refusing to sit with Santa, because, "It's for little kids."  Regardless that the kids in front of us were middle schoolers.  I guess my guilting worked ("kids do it for their parents, to make their moms happy"), because at the last minute he agreed to stand for the photo.  He wasn't happy about it. 

Mavis was too scared to smile, Mezmur was too shy to smile, and Rhett was too mad to smile, but alas...the best photo ever!  Trust me...out of about 10, this was the very best.
You might be is she surviving the break so far.  We are almost a week in and I'm hanging by a thread.  I started no-nurse-to-sleep sleep training yesterday after I hit my breaking point.  So far, it has been very successful.  Today, I nursed her for a little bit and left her in bed while she was still wide awake.  She protested a bit, but after I brought her a baby, she didn't make another peep.  SUCCESS!  Also, last weekend in a very horrible lapse of judgement I gave Rhett a consequence...NO COMPUTER/VIDEO GAMES FOR THE WHOLE WEEK!  The second the words left my mouth I knew I was doomed.  I've stuck to it (except for one play date) and Rhett is actually more pleasant to live with after a short couple of days, which I refer to as "the shakes."  Once "the shakes" are over I might find him making up a card game or needle felting a Christmas banner or finger knitting a scarf for his sister.  Now, that's a Christmas miracle!


Duncan said...

I always love the Cristmas tree post. . . It always brings back memories. I liked this post the best of all the past years for some reason. Because Rhett got to pick the tree. . . Perhaps it was the classic Santa photo or the fact that it could very well be the last Santa photo with Rhett in it. Maybe it was Mezmur's fits. . . or Mavis looking so cute in every photo she was in. Autumn's account of it all is always entertaining but I think though it could very well be the fact that Dan always looks so calm through it all. Well whatever it was, I truly loved this post and I'm glad you are ALL my family. Love me!!

leslie said...

In a fit of giggles reading this post... The photo of Mezmur at the tree farm. Just too much, Autumn. I couldn't control my laughter. It is nice to see someone else's child throwing a fit instead of mine. I can't figure out if your blog makes me ready to stop with two kids or take the flying leap toward three... You don't make it look easy, but you make it look real. Real is good. Real is what family is. I appreciate that you don't write about only the good and "glossy" parts of parenthood that make other mamas feel like crap that they are barely surviving. You are doing a fabulous job and are really inspiring to this mama.