Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving in Florida

We had a great time in Florida visiting my Dad. My fingers aren't the only fingers Rhett is wrapped around. It is a little hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving when it is in the 80's outside, but we are very thankful to have a beautiful place to visit family when it is freezing in Portland. Here is Rhett and Gramps at the Naples Zoo looking at some monkeys. Not only are there aligators on the side of the road in Florida, but they were also at the Zoo.
My favorite story of our trip was when we were getting off the plane to go see my Dad. When Rhett spotted his Gramps he started running only to run past him to a larger than life plaster of Mickey Mouse. Although we all know that his eyes first lit up at the sight of Gramps.
We spent a lot of time at the park, becuase I knew when we got home I wouldn't be taking Rhett to a park until it was at least in the 60's outside.

Rhett loved the "big sandbox" and water at the beach. There is nothing like a hot day at the beach in November. We had a wonderful trip and as always, it was very hard to leave.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Three Chapters of Halloween

Chapter 1. The Pumpkin Patch
We went to Krueger Farms on a mild Saturday evening for hayrides, pumpkins, and square dancing. The 30 foot bonfire was a pleasant surprise. Here is Dan and Rhett looking at what will be the bonfire.
Rhett tested out his pumpkin hauling abilities minutes before he stepped on a broken pumpkin, fell, and got completely slimed.
Rhett and I attempted to pick out the perfect pumpkin in the dark. Rhett was still on the look out for the pumpkin that slimed him.
After the hayride we basked in the glow of the 30 foot bonfire. Too bad marshmallows were a liability...
After the bonfire some of us enjoyed the square dancing in the barn. A random guy picked up Rhett and started dancing with him. If you look really close you can see that Rhett is afraid for his life. One carmel apple, one apple cider, and about 30 sweaty hands later we were ready to go home.

The Three Chapters of Halloween

Chapter 2. Carving the Pumpkins
Rhett was excited about the "star" I cut out.
Rhett wasn't too sure about getting his hands in the slime that got him at the pumpkin patch.
Rhett was not impressed by my pumpkin scooping abilities. You can view the finished products in Chapter 3.

The Three Chapters of Halloween

Chapter 3. Halloween Day
Uncle Aris had to see Rhett in his costume. Here they are at Dan's office. Rhett and I were stopped twice on our way. First by someone who wanted to take a picture of Rhett with his phone and second by someone who ran out of Embers to give Rhett some candy. We went to Dan's office for a little trick-or-treating. His favorite candy was the candy that would make noise when he shook it. Nerds was a favorite. Here he is making music with a monkey.
Haven't you ever seen a pirate on a pink horse? After trick-or-treating at Dan's office we met Nana at Kennedy School for more trick-or-treating and french fries. Rhett had to make a quick phone call. Knowing Rhett it was probably a prank call.
Here are the pumpkins we carved. Mine is the pirate and Dan's is the ghost with the "jazz hands".
Well, halloween is over. No more "Halloween guys", "Halloween houses", or "Halloween pumpkins".