Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Three Chapters of Halloween

Chapter 3. Halloween Day
Uncle Aris had to see Rhett in his costume. Here they are at Dan's office. Rhett and I were stopped twice on our way. First by someone who wanted to take a picture of Rhett with his phone and second by someone who ran out of Embers to give Rhett some candy. We went to Dan's office for a little trick-or-treating. His favorite candy was the candy that would make noise when he shook it. Nerds was a favorite. Here he is making music with a monkey.
Haven't you ever seen a pirate on a pink horse? After trick-or-treating at Dan's office we met Nana at Kennedy School for more trick-or-treating and french fries. Rhett had to make a quick phone call. Knowing Rhett it was probably a prank call.
Here are the pumpkins we carved. Mine is the pirate and Dan's is the ghost with the "jazz hands".
Well, halloween is over. No more "Halloween guys", "Halloween houses", or "Halloween pumpkins".

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sarah said...

that costume turned out so cute! i wish we could have carved pumpkins together. my disco ball pumpkin could have used your crafty touch.:)