Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Three Chapters of Halloween

Chapter 1. The Pumpkin Patch
We went to Krueger Farms on a mild Saturday evening for hayrides, pumpkins, and square dancing. The 30 foot bonfire was a pleasant surprise. Here is Dan and Rhett looking at what will be the bonfire.
Rhett tested out his pumpkin hauling abilities minutes before he stepped on a broken pumpkin, fell, and got completely slimed.
Rhett and I attempted to pick out the perfect pumpkin in the dark. Rhett was still on the look out for the pumpkin that slimed him.
After the hayride we basked in the glow of the 30 foot bonfire. Too bad marshmallows were a liability...
After the bonfire some of us enjoyed the square dancing in the barn. A random guy picked up Rhett and started dancing with him. If you look really close you can see that Rhett is afraid for his life. One carmel apple, one apple cider, and about 30 sweaty hands later we were ready to go home.

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