Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Boys Like Dolls Too

Here is Rhett's first doll. Made by Mama.
It was love at first sight. Rhett said he wants to name him "Baby Doll".


sarah said...
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sarah said...

sorry - i had to delete my first comment because i'm typing one handed and it was full of typos.

it turned out so cute! maybe i'll commission you to make one for elliot someday...and pay you, of course! maybe you should add your custom dolls to etsy.

dad-gramps said...

Cute. . . Not sure of the skull and crossbones. Is it a pirate baby doll? Well of course, he was a pirate for Halloween, this explains the pink horse. . . Just kidding, you can tell he absolutely loves it in the pictures, he is beaming. He is lucky that he has Mom that takes the time to give him so much joy. I have to stop. . . Missing you all too much. Love Dad-Gramps