Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Weekend Trip to the Coast

This weekend we had a nice little family trip to Seaside and Astoria. First we went to a fellow Law School classmate's house for a little party. There were a few lawyers, an accountant, a few spouses, a professor, and one other 2-year-old boy. Can you guess who the entertainment was? Next we drove to our hotel in Astoria.
Due to the rain we spent some time in the hotel. We watched cable (what a treat...I do love HGTV), went swimming, and did some jumping on the bed.

We went on a hike up the 300+ steps of the Astoria Column. The view at the top was great and I only got a little claustrophobic in the stairwell. One day Rhett will learn how to make a "real" smile.
Our last stop in Astoria was a great little coffee shop cafe. Serving what else, but Stumptown and great food. I'm sure you are all wondering if we made a stop at the infamous Goonies house. And the answer is...sort of. The private drive was not for cars and it was pouring out, so we didn't want to walk to it, but we had a nice look at it from the road. Also, Rhett who had been practicing the "Truffle Shuffle" was already sound asleep in the car.

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sarah said...

Rhett's face in three of those pictures actually made me laugh out loud.
I'm excited for our trip togeter in a couple of weeks!