Friday, May 25, 2007

More Cute Shirts

Thank you Nina!

They are even cuter on Rhett!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Few Rhett-isms

While sitting in the car, Rhett noticed some birds on the wires, and said, “Be careful birds, that is dangerous."

Rhett has taken to calling me Autumn. “Autumn, where are you”, “Autumn, I need help”, “Autumn!”…

Again, while sitting in the car, Rhett said, “Rhett needs a beard." While touching his face.

In the middle of the night Rhett woke up and screamed, "EDEMAME!"

With the excitement of today’s adventure, Rhett sang a song that goes something like this, “Go on the Max choo choo train, go on the Max choo choo train, go on the Max choo choo train, hey hey!"

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cute Baby Rhett

Because of that not so cute 5 month picture of Rhett, (the beaver picture) I had to post a really cute 5 month picture. I have been organizing all the baby clothes in the garage, so I'm reminiscing...
Sarah, I found a sweatshirt for Elliot that you are going to love. Rhett never got to wear it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our San Juan Trip

We had a great weekend last weekend. It just wasn't long enough...
Rhett really enjoyed his first ferry boat ride. He wasn't too sure of the wind, but he loved the hot chocolate. That is, once it was "nice and warm".
Rhett loves his new bubble blower. Here is a nice view of the cabins we stayed in at Roche Harbor.
We went on a beautiful hike along the water. We saw a porpoise out in the water, but no orcas.
Rhett really does love to hike. We only had to carry him a little bit the whole hike. Having a stick really does help...
Wait! Is that a smile I see?
Here I am trying to get Rhett to smile again.
We were a little tired of roughing it out in the rain, so we roasted marshmallows inside on our last night. It made us wonder why we had never done it before...
We all had a lot of fun hanging out with this little guy. Rhett loves his friend "baby Elliot".
Sarah, isn't this a cute picture of you and Elliot?
Our last adventure before we got back onto the ferry was a hike to a great mausoleum near our cabin. It was a hard to leave to go home, but a little stop at Ikea did cushoin the blow...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Just a Few Pictures

Here is Rhett with his new favorite thing...his elephant watering can. He loves to water the flowers I planted.
We went for a nice hike at Tryon Creek last weekend. Rhett loves to be outside.
Rhett revisited the beaver in the visiters center. He is making a beaver face here.

Here we are on our hike. This is still the face Rhett makes when we ask him to smile.

Rhett is eating his favorite appetizer...edamames. He sat here for about 45 minutes popping the salty goodness into his mouth.

Here is our awesome new garage organizer. Rhett even has a special place to hang his elephant watering can. He loves to take it down and put it away when he is done. Now if only I can get him excited to put away all of his other toys...