Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gustafer (honoring Rhett's great taste in music)

I guess it’s time for me to post an entry on this blog, since it is titled “Autumn and Dan’s Family.” Autumn has posted often about Rhett’s love for good music. So, a while ago, I thought about posting a list of the best (and least annoying) kids music that we had found. However, there are so many other blogs and websites that have done this, I figured I wouldn’t be adding anything new. In fact, there are several blogs that are dedicated to informing people about “cool” kids music. For example, see (and the links to approximately 20 other Sites and Blogs with Kids' Music Stuff).

But recently, I stumbled upon a great musical character for kids named Gustafer Yellowgold. It is so good, and Rhett loves it so much, I decided I had to post a blog about it. Illustrator/songwriter Morgan Taylor is the creator of Gustafer Yellowgold, a character from the Sun who befriends otherwise friendless beings like a flightless pterodactyl, a crying green bee, a dragon who makes his home in a fireplace, and an eel. Morgan has opened for Wilco, The Polyphonic Spree and also plays bass in The Autumn Defense.

The catchy music and colorful characters are great for Rhett, and the interesting song structures and creative lyrics make it great (and not annoying) for me! As the New York Times said, it’s a cross between Yellow Submarine and Dr. Suess. The CD also comes with a DVD, which puts illustrations to the music. So, anyhow, watch the following and decide for yourself.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Captain Bogg and the Big Boy Bed

We went to the park this week to see Captain Bogg and Salty, Rhett's favorite pirate band. We went with our friends and had a great time. Now that Rhett knows many of the songs he was very excited to see the pirates performing the familiar songs. They started with his favorite song and you should have seen his face! Elliot and Rhett had a blast dancing and running circles around an old couples blanket. I don't think that couple knew what they were in for going to see a pirate band.
Here is the cutest pirate ever!
Rhett and Elliot wearing their eye patches.
Rhett is saying ARGH!Our friends Talia and Elliot.
It is official...Rhett sleeps only in his "big boy bed". As a matter of fact, he loves it and so do we! In an attempt to get rid of a really annoying bedtime toy I have introduced Rhett to classical music when he goes to bed. Now in the morning and after his nap he asks to listen to his cd again and doesn't want to get out of bed until after he listens for almost an hour of his new "special music". I try to get him out of bed offering Pirate Booty or oatmeal, but nothing works. I may be a biased mom, but I'm pretty convinced we have a prodigy child.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Good Citizen Does a Good Deed

Wow...finding out you have a flat tire on a very busy freeway doesn't usually bring tears of joy, but today it did. I was almost to our exit today when a good citizen was next to me yelling, "You have a flat tire." Sure enough, when I pulled over I had a flat. This man was my dad's age and when I thought about it he actually resembled my dad a little. Down to the cell phone hooked to his belt. He instantly went to work putting on the spare. He got so dirty, muddy, and wet (due to the rain today). When he was done all I could do was offer him some baby wipes. I got a business card from him. He wouldn't give it to me at first saying, "I was happy to do this for you", and "I didn't expect anything." Do you have any ideas of some way I could thank a stranger for doing a good deed? I want to do more than a thank you card.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Artist Profile

I just came across the "artist profile" Rober Mahar did on me for his blog. It was the first time I ever "googled" my name and it was the first thing that popped up. I forgot about the interview he had me do! What do you think about my answers? Is it too forward to ask my friends to leave anonymous comments on my interview, so I look cool?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Dad, Spokane, and Gramps

My Dad, Aris and the three of us drove to Spokane to celebrate my Great Gramp's 100th birthday. It was basically a family reunion with family from all over that we haven't seen in many years. The most amazing site was my Gramps. I expected him to be sitting on a throne in the party room, but he actually didn't sit down almost the whole party. What excited me the most about him was his incredible quick wit! Everything was a joke. Dan saw him getting his own food and said that he thought someone should be serving him. Sarcastically Gramps said, "No one thinks about me anymore." He had everyone roaring several times during the party. He also remembered all of us. He asked Aris about his drumming and he asked Dan about Law school and about his career. I could go on and on...AMAZING is all I can say about my Great Gramps Browning!

Here is a great picture of Rhett and a couple of the other kids playing.

Here is Rhett when I told him to only look at the cake with his eyes.

I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a picture of the huge knife cousin Robert had in his right hand to open up the letter from president Bush. There is a head in the way! Let me just say, Robert is one of the flying Elvis in Las Vagas that jump out of airplanes. Enough said...

My handsome boys in their party shirts.

Here is a picture of five generations! We are laughing because Gramps just told a joke.

My Dad and Gramps where they like it the forest.

Here is Gramps sitting down for the first time at the picnic. He even ate standing up holding his plate.

Here we are at our last stop in Spokane on the swinging bridge at the park. This was the only way I could get Rhett to look at the camera. We had such a great trip. I just hope it is not another five years before I see my Great Gramps again.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Half Marathon Man

This is a particularly cute picture of Rhett as we wait to see Dan off on his half marathon.
Dan did great at his first ever half marathon! He finished in the top 9% in just under an hour and 45 minutes. Good job Dan! Only in Oregon is there a beer garden and a free cheeseburgar after the race.
We went strawberry picking at Krueger Farm yesterday with Talia, Xander, and Elliot.
Everytime I looked up at Rhett he was eatting another strawberry. He is paying for it today...
Rhett loves his friend Elliot. He was sort of bugging Elliot with all the hugs and whispers of "I love you" though...
Nine pounds of strawberries (not including the 2 pounds Rhett ate right off the bush) later we were ready to go.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Few House Projects

We have done a lot to our house in the last couple weeks. I wanted to show off the paint colors, but it is hard to see in pictures. You will just have to come over and see it in person...
Here is the color of our living room.
Here is the color of our family room.
We have started replacing the brass hardware with nice silver hardware. What a difference it makes.
Here is a fabric box I made this weekend using a vintage tablecloth. Inside I hide the diapers and wipes. It looks nice on our new shelves!
Here is a picture of the poppies in my garden. I'm very proud of the poppies!
The fountains were turned on around town on the first! This is fountain fun at the Beverly Clearly fountain at Grant Park. I didn't know that Beverly Clearly was from Portland and based many scenes in her books at Grant Park.
Here are Rhett and Dan on the "Daddy slide" at Grant park. It gets it's name because Mommy doesn't like to take Rhett on the old, scary, ghetto slides at the park. Now when we go to the park without Dan Rhett points out the "Daddy slide". Almost all the parks in NE have at least one. Although, the funny thing about this slide is that it is so slow that we staged a few slide photos...