Monday, June 4, 2007

A Few House Projects

We have done a lot to our house in the last couple weeks. I wanted to show off the paint colors, but it is hard to see in pictures. You will just have to come over and see it in person...
Here is the color of our living room.
Here is the color of our family room.
We have started replacing the brass hardware with nice silver hardware. What a difference it makes.
Here is a fabric box I made this weekend using a vintage tablecloth. Inside I hide the diapers and wipes. It looks nice on our new shelves!
Here is a picture of the poppies in my garden. I'm very proud of the poppies!
The fountains were turned on around town on the first! This is fountain fun at the Beverly Clearly fountain at Grant Park. I didn't know that Beverly Clearly was from Portland and based many scenes in her books at Grant Park.
Here are Rhett and Dan on the "Daddy slide" at Grant park. It gets it's name because Mommy doesn't like to take Rhett on the old, scary, ghetto slides at the park. Now when we go to the park without Dan Rhett points out the "Daddy slide". Almost all the parks in NE have at least one. Although, the funny thing about this slide is that it is so slow that we staged a few slide photos...

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sarah said...

that fabric box is the cutest thing ever! i want to see it in person so i can more closely examine it.
we're back from vacation now so we should hang out sometime soon... if you want to. :)