Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Good Citizen Does a Good Deed

Wow...finding out you have a flat tire on a very busy freeway doesn't usually bring tears of joy, but today it did. I was almost to our exit today when a good citizen was next to me yelling, "You have a flat tire." Sure enough, when I pulled over I had a flat. This man was my dad's age and when I thought about it he actually resembled my dad a little. Down to the cell phone hooked to his belt. He instantly went to work putting on the spare. He got so dirty, muddy, and wet (due to the rain today). When he was done all I could do was offer him some baby wipes. I got a business card from him. He wouldn't give it to me at first saying, "I was happy to do this for you", and "I didn't expect anything." Do you have any ideas of some way I could thank a stranger for doing a good deed? I want to do more than a thank you card.


Anonymous said...

what a nice man! You could get him a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, or make him something... I'm sure he'll appreciate anything you do!

Anonymous said...

A good citizen and a roadside angel for you. Love, Your Dad