Friday, July 27, 2007

Krueger Farm Concert

We love Krueger Farm! We love the dancing, we love the music, we love the picnics, and we really love the hay ride, but Mr. Krueger, what is with the incredibly long antidotes? This week we heard a little about his farming practices and his lecture turned into a LECTURE when he was talking about the kids jumping off the hay ride. I thought he may have shed a tear when he said he didn't want to see any kid getting hurt. Although he might be a little more afraid of getting sued. The last concert he went off about his berries. We learned that you should never ask a farmer if his berries are sweet...ask him if they are flavourful. Krueger Farm wouldn't be Kureger Farm without Mr. Krueger walking around with his clipboard talking every one's ear off and giving incredibly long speeches in between music sets. We love Krueger Farm!
Eating yummy cherries at the farm.
There is nothing like family time at the farm.
Here is Rhett bringing us another fist full of hay from the dance floor.
We had fun on the hay ride. You should see Rhett's face as the tractor takes off.
Future farmer Rhett...without the long speeches, hopefully.
Yes, all good things must come to an end. Rhett is not learning this too easily. Rhett could be heard all the way home crying, "I NEED to dance"!
See you next week Mr. Krueger...

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Anonymous said...

Again, looks like more fun times. No Pictures of Mr. Kueger. . . !? Like I said the other day, Rhett is looking so grown up. They grow up fast. He likes his berries and cherries doesn't he. MISS YOU. LOVE DAD-GRAMPS