Monday, July 9, 2007

Last Weekend Was a Blur

Our Fourth of July weekend went by so fast! Dan took extra days off and we had a lot of great family time. A lot of it was spent in our backyard!


We have been doing a ton of yard work in our overgrown backyard. While digging up trees and breaking up the dirt we have found a few treasures. The toys I sort of understand, but what about that butterfly thing? That was buried deep in the dirt.
Last weekend we went to Parkdale (close to Hood River) with our friends Talia, Xander, and Elliot. We also met their friends Nikki, Mike, and Owen. We had a great time. There was lots of great food, lots of fun with the boys, and some great times outside. We even had great adult conversation while all three (yes, all three) boys took a nap after our big hike.
Here are the boys as we get ready for our hike. Imagine a weekend with three two-year-old boys...they laughed, they cried, they beat each other up.
We went on a three mile hike around Lost lake. It was a beautiful hike with a great view of the lake and Mt. Hood.
Here is a picture of the men with their giant loads.
Dan finally got his hammock set up. He was in heaven and Rhett loves it too.
What a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a great series of pictures. You forgot to picture the rod iron thing I found in your yard when I was there. It's neat that you guys live in a house with buried treasures. I'm jealous of the hiking and the beautiful sights. Not to mention the hammock!! You guys have so much fun. Love you. DAD. Tell Rhett to whistle a song for GRAMPS. Talk to you soon.

sarah said...

the hammock picture is SO cute! i think you should use it as a christmas card. :)