Friday, July 6, 2007

Salem Fun

Last weekend we went to the World Beat in Salem with our friends Jeremy, Sarah, and Elliot. We enjoyed a ride on the carousel, some great Chinese drum riffs, yummy food, and a great time with our friends!

Rhett was very sad to leave this hat.

Rhett and Daddy taking a ride on the carousel...

and after the carousel.

For food we passed up the meat on a stick in the Asian section and the curly fries (?) in the Europe section and settled on delicious Ethiopian food.

Rhett loves his little buddy Elliot!

Rhett went on his first trip to Enchanted Forest yesterday. For those of you who have never been, Dan would like you to know, "It is better than Disneyland". We went with Dan's Dad, who is just as fond of Enchanted Forest as Dan.

Here is a picture of Rhett and Mommy on the kiddie train...

and after the train.

Here is Rhett after another ride on the "shoe slide". I'm sure there will be many more trips to Enchanted Forest!


Anonymous said...

Looked like all sorts of fun. That Rhett is one lucky kid to have all the fun he has with such great parents. . . Love Dad

sarah said...

Ah, yes.... Enchanted Forest. Maybe when Elliot is a little older we can take him there. Especially since it's better than Disneyland!

riggity said...
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riggity said...

Your "before and after" theme was brilliant. With blogging as easy as it is, people forget to include a little style in their writing.