Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Weekend of Projects, Accomplishments, and Rhett's First Real Concert

Our great accomplishment of the weekend was getting this penny out of the garbage disposal. It was really jammed and we didn't want to have to take the disposal apart, so we have been trying to pry it out for a week. it is.
Dan's dad came over and they cut down two trees. That crazy holly tree in the front and the huge willow tree in the back. Yay!!!!! Now we have a massive pile of trees in our front yard. Look at our huge backyard now! We can't wait to plant new grass! Here is the bamboo trellis finally done. It leans a little to the left, but hopefully it will do the trick. Our hope is that the vines will grow up and over the window.
I hope the grapes start growing...or I hope I don't kill the grapes like I killed the fennel.
I painted Rhett's room this weekend. This fabric was the inspiration for the color.
Here is Rhett at his very first big concert...The Decemberists. It is not like Rhett to fall asleep at 6:00, but there is a first time for everything.
Rhett came to life for a little bit of the concert though...


riggity said...

he fell asleep at 6:00? boy, those decemberists are BORING.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rhett had some fun at the concert. A huge pile of trees in your driveway and a lucky penny in you garbage disposal. Life is full of surprises. I have a guess where the penny came from. The sink hole looks close to a guitar sound hole. . . Just a guess?? I showed Rhett how to use the guitar picks so they wouldn't go in the guitar hole. Now a penny saved is a penny earned. Love to All

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts to the grape vine. Are they eating or wine bottle grapes? I like the trellis. The house is really shaping up. LOVE DAD-GRAMPS