Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Projects

We finally finished the sandbox we have been wanting to make for over a year!
He was hoping for something he could climb into, but I think he likes it.
This is a pegboard we put together by our entryway. Now Rhett has some hooks down low where he can reach. Eat your heart out Pottery Barn!
Wow, that's a huge address!
Here is a pegboard in the family room for Rhett's art work. Rhett is measuring it in the picture. It is "thirty-nine-nine-two"!


sarah said...

I just noticed that "High School: The Musical" (or whatever it's called) is in the picture of the entry way pegboard. COOL!! :)

Anonymous said...

SO SO TALENTED WITH YOUR PROJECTS. The sand box turned out great. Wish I was there to help. Great JOB! Looks like Rhett likes it. Can't wait to see Rhett's projects on the pegboard . Love Dad-Gramps