Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friends, Food, and Fun (yes, the cheesiest title ever)

We went to Tryon Creek with our friends, the Rices. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us guys!
The cutest 9 month old I know!!!!!
My yummy chicken potpies.
Only true bloggers do posts of food...
I love how creative Rhett is getting with his playing. Little Nutbrown Hare needed a car and here is what he got. Nutbrown Hare's mommy, snake, used the dinosaur as a car. He still has a hard time playing by himself. But who could resist when you hear him say, "Mommy, will you please play with me."


sarah said...

Those are probably the tastiest looking potpies that I've ever seen. Way to make me hungry!

riggity said...

a. I am more than 9 months old.
b. I am sure you know cuter 9 month olds than me.
c. But thanks for the sentiment anyway.


lori said...

Autumn - - I am getting an absolute kick out of your blog, which I just found through Kristi and Jeff's site. I don't know if you or Dan remember me from Warner.

Such great pictures and stories! I've had several laugh-out-loud moments as I've read. Rhett crying huge tears at the end of each event...I'm sure that gets old for you, but man, is it hilarious from an outside perspective. It looks like you are having a real hoot as a family. Bluegrass and camping and Ethiopian food certainly up my antciness for kids.

Have a great day,
Lori (Lautaret) Stoffer

Anonymous said...

The pot pies did look good. a rubarb strawberry pie would of gone nice with the pot pies for dessert. Rhett's belly laughing picture on Dan's shoulders is cute. As always everything looks like fun times. We will have to see about a bigger car for Mr. & Mrs. Hare. Love to you ALL.