Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thank You For Family Camping Trips and Crazy Toy Collecting Ladies

After many weeks of putting it off until next weekend, we finally went camping. Rhett experienced his first sleep in a tent, his first campfire, and his first smore. He loves it all. He woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed (yes, we had an air mattress) and looked around, then said, "Oh, tent". We only stayed one night and learned a few things for next time. One of those is don't forget the citronella candle.
Rhett sitting by the Metolius River.
Rhett is a fan of smores. But, who isn't?
Ahhhh...there is nothing like waking up to a fire and the smell of bacon.
The morning by the fire was my favorite part.
Here is Rhett learning how to warm his hands by the fire.
Our last stop near Camp Sherman was the fish hatchery. We saw a ton of trout and had a nice picnic. No, we didn't eat trout for lunch.
Here is a view of the other half of the bridge.
Estate sales can be really interesting...
We went to one today that was full of vintage (and new) toys. We heard that her toys were "no touching toys" for the neighborhood kids. It is a little sad that she spent her whole life collecting these toys only to have a bunch of strangers man-handling them and buying them for pennies. I guess we went to "phase two" of the selling of the toys. The first phase had the rare antique toys. Some of which we hear sold for thousands. Rhett got this cute barbecue set, so he can be Bobby Flay Jr. with Daddy. I just need to make cute hamburger patties for it.
Not only was she a crazy toy lady, but she also had a ton of vintage kids shoes. Here are a couple for the next kid.


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. Rhett is too cute for words. Not familiar with the area, but it sure looked pretty. Well all of Oregon looks pretty. I enjoy all your pictures and updates so much. Give Rhett a hug for me it's all I want to do when I see his picture. Love to you all. DAD-GRAMPS

Lindsay said...

Hi Autumn and Dan!

I found you guys from your comment on Christi's blog and just wanted to say hi. What a cute little boy you have!

Lindsay (&Craig) Button