Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fish and Freebies

A couple of weeks ago Rhett and I had a really fun time going to the fish hatchery and Bonneville Dam with the Kurtz family. So, we thought we would go as a family last weekend. Here is Caden, Max, and Rhett by the "big fish".
The fish hatchery is beautiful and Rhett loves to feed the fish those stinky fish pellets!
Rhett loved climbing the water fountain just like Max did. "I can do it like Max!"
We had a picnic by Bonneville Dam after the fish hatchery. We even got a nice family picture.
This is just a particularly funny picture of Rhett. He was doing some water painting and he kept yelling, "Be careful mommy it is wet paint!"
I was on my way for my Monday Trader Joe's run, when I noticed a guy putting a FREE sign on this waterfall vanity. I made a U turn on 33rd and snatched that thing up! Isn't it adorable?
Free is a very good price!


sarah said...

No fair! But, if someone had to get it for free other than me, I'd pick you.
Your new little girl will love it, I'm sure!

Christi said...

That is so stinkin cute that he remembered Max climbing the water fountain...it's so funny the things that are cool to them.

Anonymous said...

Autumn and Dan, you are doing such a great job exposing Rhett to so many different places and things! He will be such a well rounded young man when he grows up. Rhett's Great-Grandad and I are so amazed at how much he talks about. You are such a loved family!


Anonymous said...

Finding free treasures must run in the family. That is as cool as the rocker we resurrected. It's so you guys. I loved the water painting picture. Why didn't I think of water painting back with you and Aris?? Cleaning up after some patio furniture painting pictures was fun. Always good to see more familiar Northwest landmarks. Give Rhett a hug. Love Dad-Gramps