Friday, September 21, 2007

Rhett's School

Rhett has many friends and has met a lot of new friends who have recently started school. So, there is a lot of "school" talk. Where do you go to school?...
At the park the other day we met a three year old neighbor named, Ruby. I was talking to her mom about her school when Rhett announced, "My school is Kennedy School." For those of you who may not be aware of Kennedy school, it is an old elementary school refurbished by the Mcmenamins brothers and turned into a pub/hotel. It is the Concordia Neighborhood hang-out. There is a "soaking pool" and live music every Thursday night. We have spent several evenings letting Rhett run around the halls while we enjoy a glass of beer and wine. Now he tells people on a regular basis, "My school is Kennedy School. I eat dinner there and go to the hot tub there". I guess I better start looking for a preschool with a hot tub, or there may be some disappointment.

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Anonymous said...

That is cute. . . Tell Rhett Gramps wants to go back to school and he would want Kennedy School to be his school too. He will be in school soon enough.See you soon. Love Dad