Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rhett is...

Rhett: I love you Billy (hug).
Billy: MEOW
Rhett: Why did Billy say "meow"?
Mom: I think Billy was saying, "I love you too."
Rhett: Billy said "meow" because he is a cat.

Rhett: Why is it dark?
Mom: Because the sun went down.
Rhett: Why did the sun go down?
Mom: You know why...
Rhett: Because the Earth is spinning (he says "spinning" while doing the wheels on the bus motions with his hands).

Rhett to Mom: Hi honey bunny. You're so money.

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Anonymous said...

He is too cute. . . I love this age, but your son is taking it to a whole new level. I love that boy. Give him a hug from me. . . and tell him Tucker says "WOOF" with a wag of his tail. . . Love Dad-Gramp