Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Productive Weekend

We got a ton of work done this last week. Here are a few of our projects...
I couldn't stand the closet doors in the house for some reason. They just didn't look good and they never got closed. So, I thought they would look better with fabric curtains. I finished the shoe closet curtain with fabric from IKEA. I think it turned out pretty good...
Next is our bedroom.
Good-bye ugly ceiling fan and hello awesome School House Electric light! We love what do we do about that awful wood stove?
Dan worked on replacing the light switches and installing a dimmer switch for our new light.
I painted most of the trim and the walls in our bedroom! It feels so clean and fresh now.
I'm also working on banners, banners, banners!
I hope to be done with the home study paperwork this week. This may be a little too personal, but I'm starting to feel a little hormonal. Yesterday while watching the educational dvd from our agency I started to get teary eyed thinking about holding our baby in a sling all day. And this morning there was a segment on the Today Show showing images of a growing baby in a womb and I thought about our baby growing in her mothers belly. This is a very exciting time for us. My hope is that we realize this and don't let the stress of all the paperwork overwhelm us.

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Anonymous said...

You guys have been busy. I bet your home is looking great. Can't wait to see everything this spring. Miss you all. Love Dad-Gramps