Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Corners of Christmas Decorations

Christmas is really coming fast this year. I'm mostly ready...Here is Rhett's nativity scene. He loves his baby Jesus and he often asks about "man" Jesus.
These are my favorite Christmas decorations in my favorite corner of the craft corner. Notice the new window?
Yummy Christmas cookies. Chocolate mint patties...thanks Martha.
Rhett helped make the cookies. I have to say, cooking with Rhett is my favorite thing to do with him. He asks a lot of questions and we talk and have a really special time. He helps me make dinner most nights too. Mickey Mouse has been a permanent fixture with Rhett these days. Last week it was Osmond the Owl. I love to watch him with his special thing. He hugs it and loves it and says, "I love you." He is such a loving gentle boy.
Rhett calls this his "tree trunk" fort. Notice Mickey? Mickey's mom and dad are there too.
P.S. No, we didn't get a huge TV for Christmas...I found this box on the side of the road and I figured we could use a huge box for something.


sarah said...

For a second I thought maybe you were the ones who got the tv!
Those cookies look so good. I'll have to try them!

lori said...

A box of that size looks like a great babysitter too. Just hang up a couple pictures inside to make it homey, and the kids'll never know the difference.

Anonymous said...

What great things and memories. I know that Mickey. Rhett does rotate his favorites, it's nice to see Mickey back.

You should pitch a cooking show to the cooking network "Cooking with Rhett"...Could be quite entertaining.

The house looks so festive.