Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mall Sighting

As most of you know we are BIG Decemberists fans at the Lapour house. Rhett will often ask to hear The Decemberists in the car or ask to watch the Burn to Shine video with a performance of "The Mariner's Revenge Song." Rhett's first "real" concert was The Decemberists. Well, during a rather boring trip to the play area at Washington Square I saw Jenny Conlee, the keyboard and accordion player for The Decemberists. Worried that this may be another mistaken Elliot Smith (before his death) sighting, I called Dan to help me find out if it was her. He couldn't or wouldn't humor me. We left the play area a little later, sad that I may never find out if it was her, when we saw her in the mall and she struck up a conversation with me. I told her I recognized her and she said she recognized me...probably just trying to be nice. She said she was a musician and I finally got the answer! She was really nice and we talked for a little bit.
Wow, I am a little embarrassed by this post now. She is just a person after all...but a really cool person!


riggity said...

can you invite her over for dinner and then invite us too? cause, I really want to become friends with the decemberists. so, get that done for me, okay?

Anonymous said...

You must be "cool" too because she struck up a conversation with YOU! I knew that already though. Thanks for calling me while it was happening (or soon after), I felt envolved in your excitement. . . By the way thanks for clarifing the Elliot Smith citing. . . I would of been concerned otherwise. As always >>> Love to ALL!!!

Keith, Jenny, and Oliver said...

Hey Neighbors, we're big Decemberists fans here, too. Kinda jealous that you met Jenny Conlee!

About 5 or 6 years ago, I went into a small coffee shop on Hawthorne and sat dopwn next to what i soon realized was Elliot Smith and Janet Weiss. Wish I'd said something, but I thought it would have been "uncool" (which, it turns out, I am).

Stacie said...

I love the Decemberists! How cool that was Rhett's first concert!

sarah said...

woah! that's so cool! i would have been a little starstruck myself.