Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Already December 10th! This is the advent calender I made last year. Rhett loves getting his "minted chocolate" and moving the snowflake.
Rhett decorated this tree all by himself. He was very proud...
We got our tree yesterday and decorated it! This is the best picture I got of Rhett by the tree! That kid doesn't sit still for a picture. I had to bribe him with a cookie to stand still for the family photo by the tree.
Yes, it was snowing! What a perfect winter day to cut down a tree. We went to Hart Tree Farm where they were donating trees to the members and family of "Breast Friends". My mom is a member of the board. They had a bonfire and cookies after. December has felt like a blur so far! I have been busy with many banner orders, which is so great, but today I actually had to turn a customer away, because I couldn't get her banners done before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Wow. . . Brings back memories from the tree farms with you kids. Good to see you are carrying on the tradition. Rhett's cheeks at the tree farm didn't look much different from the "Florida-Heat- Red-Face", very cute. . . VERY OREGON. I loved Rhett's tree. Our Christmas tree is a PALM TREE? Just Kidding! I also liked the BLUUUURRRRRR shot, it does say RHETT! Sounds like it has been "A Banner Year" for your business, good for you. Love again to all. MISS YOU. . . MISS OREGON. Can you tell?

Christi said...

What a cute shot of the three of you in the forest! Autumn, you are such a cool Oregonian girl.

Stacie said...

It looks like so much fun to cut down your own tree! We have to go to the boring tree lots or the Farmer's Market (which is a little bit more fun!)

I'm going to email you about Micah's banner - I'm thinking after Christmas, which sounds like a good thing anyway! :)