Monday, December 31, 2007

Rhett's New Favorite Video

What could you possibly say about this video? Is it supposed to be funny? Watch it until the gets even funnier.


sarah said...

if only i spoke czech - i want to know what hey're singing about.
this is a totally random video. how did you even find it?

Anonymous said...

Well it's official. . . my grandson has his grandfather's sense of humor. I hope it was supposed to be funny because I cracked up. Reminded me of an old Andy Kaufman routine. Funny in any language!! Love to all.

lori said...

I too am wondering what search words you used to find this video, and I agree that Rhett has a fine sense of style for humor and music. Also, it reminds me a hair of his own musical ramblings.

Lori said...

I lived in Slovakia and never heard this amazing song. I wrote a friend there and he told me that it's hugely popular there and is based on a true story. He even sent me a link with the words and guitar chords. Crazy. I love it.
By the way, we're a Portland family too, waiting for our court date, though it's a long and twisty tale.