Thursday, January 31, 2008

Community Center Fun

Going to the community center is a weekly outing (if not 2 or 3 times a week) for us. So, I thought, why not post about it. I brought my camera today and took some cute pictures of our almost 3-year-old and his new haircut. On Thursdays we first go to our class, then we go to the indoor play park, then we go to the art room. Rhett loves it! How about that tongue? You know Rhett is concentrating when that tongue goes out.
Riding a scooter is very serious business for Rhett.
After the play park we go to the drop-in art room. Rhett loves it! The painting is his favorite. Not to be overshadowed by the flubber.
The face of a true artist...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What are These...What's That?

We have started watching a little of our all time favorite show again. Freaks and Geeks! Here is a really long clip, but the funniest part is Mr. Rosso in the beginning...
If there is anyone who hasn't seen Freaks and Geeks, I must say, you are missing out. They don't make shows like this anymore. It was too short lived though...Arrested Development is another show that didn't get enough credit.

We are also watching the last disk of Lost in preparation for Thursday!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Finally, our fingerprint appointments came!
Too bad we have to wait another week and a half just for the appointment, but I'm still happy to be moving forward.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

You Mean We Don't Have to Buy Diapers?

Yes, it is true...we are potty trained! It has been about five days and we have had only one accident. Rhett flipped the switch the other day and was done with diapers. This is how Rhett does most things...on his terms, when he is ready. We never thought Rhett would stop sleeping in our bed until one day he was ready for his "big-boy-bed." Rhett used to have HUGE sleep issues and we are very proud of his sleeping habits now. He nursed to sleep for almost 2 years, slept in our bed, and needed one of us right there while he slept. Until one day, he didn't need any of that. There was a little help with the nursing thing though. If I didn't cut him off I think I would be nursing until high school! We are so proud of our big boy!
This is what happens when Rhett puts his pants on by himself. Underware and pants are backwards. Oh, harm in having backwards pants.

I am officially part of a crafty posse! Me and some friends started up a girls craft night. Everyone brings a project we are working on and drink wine. We had our first get together last night at our house and it was so much fun. I loved seeing what everyone was working on and talking about our kids and future kids. I could probably do it every week, but I think we will be doing it every 3 weeks or so. I feel a little like a member of a really cool club!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I am Doing

I am making most of Rhett's birthday presents this year. Everything, but the trumpet he asked for and won't stop talking about! He saw someone playing a trumpet while driving downtown and he has been talking about a trumpet ever since.
He has been asking for "fabric hamburgers" for his b-b-q, so this is what I came up with.

The food goes into this fabric box. Yes, it is a little "girly", but I made it, so I get to choose the fabric!
The box is made to fit in Rhett's little hutch. I'm working on another one that says "fruit" to go next to the "treats" box. No, I haven't made any treats yet for the treats box, but I plan to. (Dad, here is the hutch I want to work on when you come!)
I sort of threw together this fishing game for Rhett also. He likes to pretend to fish. We send out the hook, catch the fish, reel it in, gut it, cook it, and eat it. But he still says that the fish we eat are "eating fish" not real fish. I still have a fishing pole to make. The fish all have little bolts in the mouth and the pole will have a magnet. He will like this game for about two minutes.
I'm making this shirt...
from this book. I am only a little (a lot) excited about this book! I think I can translate it enough to make the dress I really want to make out of it. By translate I mean, look at the pictures. For now I'm making this shirt.
Yes, banners are still coming along too. I'm working on a few Valentine's Day banners and I have just been picked up by a fourth wholesaler! Busy is good.
Busy is really good when you are waiting for the mailman to bring the fingerprint appointments!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Justin is the Life of the Party

We asked one of our favorite friends to write a reference letter for the adoption. Here is what he gave on the image to read.

Justin is always good for a laugh. Yes, he also wrote us a serious one...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome Home Mari!

Yes, all children are beautiful...but take a look at this child!

Monday, January 7, 2008


We are proud to announce that Rhett is officially #2 potty trained! It will be nice to have a little break from stinkers until our baby comes home. Now we continue working on #1. Yes, this is blog worthy!
p.s. We are proud of our little friend, Elliot, and his milestone!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had great fun with the Rice family on New Year's Day. We went sledding...good times.
Homestudy is done!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have sent out for our passports and we also sent out our I-600 today (for immigration). Now we finish putting together our Dossier, which is pretty much done on our part, and we wait for our fingerprint appointment and our passports. I really wanted all of this done by the end of January, but it is starting to look like it will be closer to the end of February. Our homestudy took a little longer to be completed, but everything happens for a reason. Without sounding too gushy...when we were having trouble getting pregnant I kept telling myself, whenever it happens is the baby that was meant for our family. And this is the same thing I am telling myself now. It is just so hard to be patient and not turn into a crazy person.