Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had great fun with the Rice family on New Year's Day. We went sledding...good times.
Homestudy is done!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have sent out for our passports and we also sent out our I-600 today (for immigration). Now we finish putting together our Dossier, which is pretty much done on our part, and we wait for our fingerprint appointment and our passports. I really wanted all of this done by the end of January, but it is starting to look like it will be closer to the end of February. Our homestudy took a little longer to be completed, but everything happens for a reason. Without sounding too gushy...when we were having trouble getting pregnant I kept telling myself, whenever it happens is the baby that was meant for our family. And this is the same thing I am telling myself now. It is just so hard to be patient and not turn into a crazy person.


Erin said...

Hi Autumn and Dan's Family! I am so happy for you guys-I know everything will come together with the baby in the end. I have a good friend who went through a similar issue with her adopted little boy and now they are like peas and carrots! Best of luck with it all, and happy new year!
: ) the hoyts

Anonymous said...

Looked like some fun rides in the snow. None of that for us here in Florida. You guys looked like you had a Happy New Year! Excited things are progressing with the adoption. As hard as it is. . . "good thing for those who wait". It will end up to be perfect timing. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, there will be smiles in the end. Sending my love.

Erica said...

Oh how fun! We were just up in Oregon but didn't make it to the mountain. :(