Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I am Doing

I am making most of Rhett's birthday presents this year. Everything, but the trumpet he asked for and won't stop talking about! He saw someone playing a trumpet while driving downtown and he has been talking about a trumpet ever since.
He has been asking for "fabric hamburgers" for his b-b-q, so this is what I came up with.

The food goes into this fabric box. Yes, it is a little "girly", but I made it, so I get to choose the fabric!
The box is made to fit in Rhett's little hutch. I'm working on another one that says "fruit" to go next to the "treats" box. No, I haven't made any treats yet for the treats box, but I plan to. (Dad, here is the hutch I want to work on when you come!)
I sort of threw together this fishing game for Rhett also. He likes to pretend to fish. We send out the hook, catch the fish, reel it in, gut it, cook it, and eat it. But he still says that the fish we eat are "eating fish" not real fish. I still have a fishing pole to make. The fish all have little bolts in the mouth and the pole will have a magnet. He will like this game for about two minutes.
I'm making this shirt...
from this book. I am only a little (a lot) excited about this book! I think I can translate it enough to make the dress I really want to make out of it. By translate I mean, look at the pictures. For now I'm making this shirt.
Yes, banners are still coming along too. I'm working on a few Valentine's Day banners and I have just been picked up by a fourth wholesaler! Busy is good.
Busy is really good when you are waiting for the mailman to bring the fingerprint appointments!


LISA said...

Those are cute. You're quite talented!!! I love the fishing game!

sarah said...

That is the most adorable hamburger I've ever seen! It's definitely too cute to eat.
And I love how you "just threw together" the fishing game and it looks like something you'd pay big $$ for.

Jill said...

You are INCREDIBLY talented. I am in awe! I love the hamburger!!

Anonymous said...

Start the marketing plan on the fishing game. The fabric hamburger and etc is also a great idea. You are quite inventive and industurious, no to mention talented. Sounds like business is booming, while keeping you occupied during the waiting game. You will make it. Get me the size of the top of Rhett's little cabinet . . . formulating some ideas of my own. Talk to you soon. Love ME