Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Action Packed Day

What did Rhett and I do today without a car?

fingerprints (Rhett loves this after watching us)
glue and glitter
glue fabric scraps while I sewed for a bit...Elmer glue doesn't work too well
made popsicles
watched his Mickey Mouse video...twice (don't ask!)
played with his Marble Run
played pirates and pretended to sleep on the "pirate ship" (our bed)
then played music on our pirate on the trumpet and Rhett on the guitar
read stories
played Elefun
played with marbles again
played in the sink with water and his toys
took a nap on the "pirate ship" 3 times shorter than usual!
went outside to see if maybe we could walk to Extracto...too wet and rainy (made tea instead)
watched some youtube music videos

Our favorite video of the day. Drums and trumpet with a singing worm...pretty fun.

How, you may ask, can you do all of those things in one day? Well, Rhett spent about an average of 7 minutes on each of these activities (excluding the videos). And all of these things need to be with me...I love playing with him, but how much can one mom take? "I need you mom!" I put a call in to the neighbor girl to baby-sit this afternoon, but I haven't heard from her yet! I'm able to write this post while he is watching youtube by minimizing the screens. Yes! It is only 3:30 and I hope Dan comes home soon, so we can go to Dalo's Kitchen (our favorite Ethiopian food). I need to get out of the house!

We had our fingerprint appointment this week. I emailed the office to find out how long it may take...60-90 days? Are they serious?


Christi said...

Soooo draining. This is where a sibling is going to come in handy. Max and Caden fight a ton, but I almost forgot about how much they entertain each other too. They are always in the same room as each other...they can't stand being apart even if they are driving each other crazy.

Stacie said...

I know those days when you just need to get out! It's been cold & snowy here and we all have cabin fever. Luckily my bff lives down the street and has two little ones so we can 'get out' by going down the street to play. But, even then I still feel the need to go out for dinner here & there!

I hope the fingerprint estimate is longer than it actually takes!!

sarah said...

60 to 90 days?! I hope that's WAY off!

Anonymous said...

Time will fly if your wait is filled with days like this on. No matter how long it is. You are a great Mom. Love to all.