Friday, March 14, 2008

An Important Day in Early March...Photo Montage

We went to Salem (our wonderful state capitol and once our hometown) to state authenticate our Oregon documents. Thankfully our favorite friends live there, so we were able to see Sarah and Elliot at the Children's Museum first. Here they are in the bubble room.
Next stop...Secretary of State.
Rhett got bored fast and the circus began.
Again with the picking...
Rhett loves to do tricks and hear the praise!
Good news on the last document! It was sent out yesterday! We should be getting it tomorrow!


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Rhett hasn't changed much with his waiting. I remember watching him while you were signing the papers for the house and it was not unlike the series of pictures here. He was young, but had me going. I like the Mickey and Mini Mouse. Take too you soon. . . SEE YOU SOON. LOVE ME