Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Rhett called me in to show me his hot air balloon! Cute, huh?
What is Rhett watching right now? Yes, Rhett, there is always a party in your tummy. Thanks, Uncle Ryan for introducing us to Yo Gabba Gabba.

Ok, I feel like I should get it all out...
I did something today that I have wanted to do for months. There is a pro-life group that hangs out on busy street corners in Portland. They hold the typical signs and others are holding very disturbing images of babies after they were terminated (there are also children holding these signs). These posters are very, very, very graphic and are about four feet tall. When I see these posters it brings on instant tears, sweat, and shakes in me. Fortunately I have been successful at distracting Rhett when we are at these intersections. My main concern is Rhett seeing the very disturbing images and asking questions that a three-year-old shouldn't have to ask. And trust me, Rhett will ask a lot of questions. So, I pulled over and had a little talk with one of the ladies. I asked her if the images were really necessary. She told me that the creator of the posters thought most people didn't know what an abortion was (?). I basically told her I didn't agree and that the posters were not acceptable for young people. She advised me (!) that I should tell my three-year-old son that the picture is of a baby that was killed from an abortion(!). A three-year-old?! Children that young only need to be thinking about playing with their friends and lollipops. In the middle of our conversation someone started yelling at someone else holding one of the signs. It was getting really heated until three cops drinking coffee at Starbucks ran over. During this drama the woman I was talking to started chanting, "Please, God, don't let anyone get hurt...." She repeated this about 15 times. I know I didn't accomplish anything, but I got it out and I will probably just do my best to avoid the disturbing images.


sarah said...

Are you kidding? I don't care what people believe, but i don't think it does any good to sensationalize things to that extent. I don't know what's more disturbing, the images themselves or the fact that the lady thought it was something that a three year old should see.

Stacie said...

First - I love the party in my tummy. I sing that song in my head a lot. And - the DJ guy is from my hometown - well sort of close to my hometown.

Second, I totally agree that those images would be disturbing. I always wonder why those people don't put their passion to a more useful end. I'm sorry that you even have to think about distracting Rhett from them.