Sunday, May 18, 2008

"I Don't Have Bear Hands"

So, you know you are a true Oregonian when you complain about the rain and the heat! It has been in the nineties these last few days. We definitely have made the best of it, but we are ready for the rain to come back, so we can complain about it again.
This post may be a picture overload, but there are too many good ones not to share.

Crepes outside! I love having breakfast out in the sunshine. It may be one of my favorite things.
I officially have a garden. The first thing in the ground are pumpkins. Rhett helped me plant these inside and it has been really exciting to watch them grow.
We went to the Alberta Art Hop. It was only a little hot.(!) At these awesome Portland street fairs there is usually a great kids area for kids to get their float (bike) ready for the parade, blow bubbles, play in water, and this year paint bird houses and picture frames. The great part of this was that the proceeds from the bird houses and frames went to a boy's family in Ethiopia. He was adopted two years ago and he has already bought his family a house in Ethiopia. I don't know the details of his situation, but we were very excited to help out.
Rhett had a lot of fun at Wade's birthday party. You can't see them in this picture, but Monica made all the kids awesome kitty ears. Do you like Rhett's abstract face painting?
We went on a hike to the Audubon Society trails.
Rhett did an amazing job hiking today. He liked being the leader. Dan said, "Rhett, you are our fearless leader. If a bear comes out you could wrestle him with your bare hands". Rhett said, "Daddy, I don't have bear hands".
Picnic dinner at the Pittock Mansion.
It was a good weekend!


LISA said...

I LOVE the pics!!

sarah said...

you guys are the cutest family.

Lindsay said...

loved the "bear hands"! :)

Lori said...

Such awesome pictures, especially the last one. You have talent. Oh, and we've heard that the rain is to come back the same day we do :) Yay! I actually don't really mind so much since it's been so stinkin' hot in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic update. What a treasure this collection will be (already is) the "Rhettisums" are great. The pumkin plants are just as they should be, you even got their best side in the picture. Maybe no pumkin patching this year in the mud, you can harvest right in the backyard. Fantastic pictures. Love to all, especially "Chief Bear Hands". . .

Stacie said...

That looks like such fun! And I love bear hands - too cute! The garden looks great - we plant our pumpkins here in June - I can't wait! There is nothing better than a homegrown pumpkin patch!!

Brooke said...

Hmmm, yes us Oregonian's tend to complain about the rain alot. Boy did we have our share of hot weather last week. It was great though!

I love the face painting. So cute.