Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've Been Published!

So, about two years ago Therese Laskey found me at Mahar Drygoods and wanted to include me in her next softies book. I was really excited. This afternoon when I came home I had this in the mail...very exciting! In this book, The Softies Kit, there are directions on how to make 15 softies and my banner is one of them! My name and ETSY address is even printed in there.
On Mother's Day we had fun going through some of my Grandparents boxes of scrapbooks and photos. You can imagine my glee when I found a scrapbook of vintage greeting cards and Valentines. Here are some of the great treasures!
I especially liked these knitting valentine's. Actually, all the Valentines were pretty great. Who knew that choosing a preschool was going to be sooooooooo hard. There are so many factors that go into choosing the perfect preschool. We are sending Rhett to a co-op preschool next school year. First of all, we didn't know it was going to be so "cut throat" just to get into preschool and now we need to make up our mind quick. Today Rhett got to be a preschooler for a day at Irvington Co-Op.


Christi said...

Wow, Autumn, that is so great!! What an accomplishment. I still am planning on buying a banner, but I just want to make sure I choose the right one.

About the is huge for me. Did it feel like a safe environment? Because kids will be kids is fine until it's your kid who is hurt in some way and hasn't been protected by his teachers. This process is overwhelming for me too, especially down here where every place is extremely expensive.

Erin Sager said...

Autumn that is so exciting your art was published and yes I need to buy one of your banners as well, they are darling. Good luck with the school hunt, were not there yet, expecting our first. But live in Portland too, I might need your help one day. Erin

Anonymous said...

It was a crazy day at our school too! Something about spring and the sun and almost summer vacation! Plus butterflies ALWAYS make our room filled with excitement!! If your gut is telling you no, go with it. You might want to go back and visit again though! Good Luck!

Congrats about being published!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl. So when do I get my autographed copy! You should be so very proud. I am, you already know that.

As far as the preschool. . . Wow life has gotten so, so complicated. You will make the right choice, if you haven't already. Love you.