Monday, June 23, 2008

Little People

Check out my $1 garage sale find! How lucky am I? I was searching for this for Rhett's birthday, but I wasn't ready to spend $50-60 for it on EBAY. Sure it is a little faded and there are a couple of cracks, but it works! Rhett played with it all weekend. And he kept saying, "Thank you for my surprise" and "I really like my surprise."
Rhett says, "Awww...Billy, you are the best cat ever."
Last time I asked for prayers for referrals there were 6 referrals! So, let's do it again.


Lori said...

This makes me miss you guys even more than I already do :) I remember that toy--my church nursery had one when I was growing up. Always loved it. And garage saling--my gosh, I am so ready! I feel like every Saturday I'm not in Portland, I'm missing major treasures. And I love that Rhett kept telling you thank-you.

Anonymous said...

Another great find and Rhett's appreciation is great. What a kid!! What a family!!! And yes what a cat!